Our escort etiquette

To have a beautiful and intelligent woman on his arm is a man’s greatest pleasure. If you are still looking for the perfect lady to accompany you to an event, meeting or social occasion, Escort London is the right place to find one.
Out escort ladies in London are sophisticated, high-class women who are not only charming and smart but also incredibly beautiful. We have a broad spectrum of different ladies – from blondes to exotic beauties and extraordinary women. All of them will be able to engage in interesting conversation, represent and entertain you and your social environment. Their excellent education allows them to talk about different topics and articulate a well-balanced view. With their charming ways they will immediately win you over as well as any conversation partner. You can be sure that you will have a great company and a woman by your side that will make everybody else jealous.
If it is the first time for you to book an escort, don’t hesitate to ask all your questions. You don’t need to be scared or insecure. Just read on to learn about some basic etiquette rules and procedures when booking your escort lady in London.

How to book an escort

Booking an escort is easier than you might think. All you have to do is call and tell us about your wishes. We will make sure to find you a girl that fully meets your expectations. Tell us which type of women you would like to meet and what looks you prefer. Even if you know exactly which hair colour, size or styling you would like, we will make sure to send you the right escort lady. You can also have a look at our gallery and choose the lady you desire in advance. Due to availability issues, we recommend to always have a second option as well. The more information you give us, the easier we can provide you with an extraordinary experience. It is also necessary that you tell us where you want your escort to go with you and what occasion you have in mind. She will show up on time, be adequately dressed and ready to spend and amazing time with you.
The safety and well-being of our escort ladies is crucial to our work. Besides this, discretion is our major concern. Be sure that all your matters will be treated with special responsibility and care. On the other hand, we expect your discretion and respect as well. Don’t be concerned about privacy issues as all your information will be handled with all due discretion.

Basics of escort etiquette

There are some basic rules of our escort etiquette that need to be considered when booking with Escort London. All of our escort ladies are intelligent, warm and passionate women and deserve your respect. They are only hired to accompany you to events and any sexual interaction happens on a voluntary basis. You cannot expect them to unconditionally do what you ask them to do. You have to treat them with respect and avoid unfriendly, harsh or condescending behaviour. Be kind and affectionate and don’t hesitate to show your escort lady how much you appreciate her time and services. Whenever you meet our escort ladies in London, be sure to be on time, fresh and in a good mood. Drunkenness or inappropriate behaviour is not accepted.
We want you to relax and enjoy an incredible time. Mutual respect forms the basis of a pleasant escort experience and is the crucial part of escort etiquette. Be sure to be treated with kindness, warmth and passion – and do the same in return.